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Separate from the Fit Theory membership. same great workouts taught by personal trainers – utilizing outdoor space and lots of equipment! We still watch for proper form, and accommodate different levels of fitness. 45 minutes of calorie burn and fun!

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Train with the best at Fit Theory’s Boot Camp! Led by our expert personal trainers, experience dynamic outdoor workouts utilizing top-notch equipment. With a focus on proper form and accommodating all fitness levels, enjoy 45 minutes of calorie-burning fun!

Drop in and join a weekly Boot Camp, Saturdays at 10:00 am, for just $50!

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Boot Camp?

Embark on a journey of fitness transformation with Fit Theory’s Boot Camp program, where you’ll experience a multitude of benefits tailored to elevate your workout regimen. Our sessions are designed to maximize calorie burn through high-intensity interval training, all while under the attentive guidance of our certified trainers who prioritize proper form and technique. Enjoy the invigorating outdoor setting as you engage in dynamic workouts that integrate a mix of equipment and bodyweight exercises, ensuring a comprehensive full-body workout every time. What’s more, our Boot Camp fosters a sense of community, providing you with a supportive environment where motivation and camaraderie thrive. Join us and unleash your potential while achieving your fitness aspirations with gusto.

Same Great Workouts


Experience the Same Great Workouts at Fit Theory’s Boot Camp! Led by our expert trainers, our sessions deliver the ultimate outdoor fitness experience, utilizing a variety of equipment and exercises to challenge your body and elevate your fitness level. With a focus on proper form and individualized attention, you’ll enjoy the familiar quality and intensity of our signature workouts while soaking up the energizing atmosphere of our Boot Camp sessions. Join us and take your fitness journey to new heights!

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After you warm up the sessions are 30 minutes. We waste no time so you know you can make a workout fit into your busy schedule. After joining you’re able to use our app to sign up for personal training sessions 2, 3, or 5 times per week. You have the flexibility to change your schedule each week to fit your needs.