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"Working with Fit Theory and Candy has been a blessing. I don't like working out in big groups, and love the intimate small groups Fit Theory has. I often find myself one on one with Candy, as I am quite flexible with my schedule. The new gym is amazing, and the location is great. You just can't beat this gym in the area, there is no better personal training and studio around. I'll never leave."
- Nadia.

"I enthusiastically recommend both Fit Theory and Candy to everyone regardless of age or fitness level. Fit Theory is a clean, well-stocked studio with a pleasant setting. The scheduling is flexible and the times provided are very convenient to all schedules. The equipment is top quality, the location is convenient and the parking is ample. Candy is a wonderful trainer. She plans my workout and tells me what to do, which is what I need. She knows my weak spots and helps me work on strengthening them. She counsels and guides me with my overall fitness plan, teaching me stretches to do at home to overcome my problem areas. Thank you, Candy and Fit Theory!"
- Ann, age 68.

"Candy is an excellent trainer. Every workout, I left feeling stronger and healthier than the day before. I was never bored with her routines. She helped me lose 20 pounds and not only get stronger physically but mentally too. If you are ready to have a healthier life, she is the one to call to help you reach your fitness goals!"
- Leslie V.

"I've known Candy for a long time, and she was truly the catalyst for my healther lifestyle choices. Candy is an excellent trainer to work with, ensuring every workout is a productive one, and it's really nice to see that she is a professional that actually lives by the same healthy standards she recommends to her clients."
- Christy C.

"I always look forward to my workouts with Candy. No matter how I feel before a session, I always have a great workout and leave feeling fantastic. Candy is a true professional in every conceivable way, absolute commitment and dedication, knowledge, attention to detail, and her ability to develop my weak areas. I have been able to achieve phenomenal results in a short period of time. I would recommend Candy to anyone who is serious about reaching their fitness goals.I love my workouts and have not looked this good in forever. 3 Kids, in my 40's and feel great, thanks Candy. You rock. "
- Isabel I.

"Candy is a fabulous trainer and a great person. I began seeing her over two years ago while I was a student, and I was so excited by the results that I saw that I kept it up—even on a dental student budget. Since then my boyfriend has started training with her, and we really enjoy our sessions together. Candy has changed my life and my body—she made me feel much greater confidence in who I am and how strong I can be!"
- Sarah O.

"Candy is AMAZING! With Candy's help I have gained lost muscle tone back, lost inches and gained an entire lifestyle change. Thanks to Candy to my priorities have been rearranged to HEALTH coming first. I have engaged in a new way of life and am going for it at full speed! Candy is entertaining and makes it less painful for me to look soo good!"
- Edie K.

"Candy is an excellent trainer with great experience and knowledge on body mechanics. She can help you with whatever your fitness goals are. As a trainer myself I would highly recommend anyone to her. She will push you to push your own limits and open up a whole new world for yourself."
- John L.

"Candy is an excellent trainer who helped me lose weight and gain much better muscle tone. I would recommend her to anyone who is serious about meeting their fitness goals."
- Bart S.